It started in 1983

Everything started with a request in 1983. We were then asked to develop more sustainable products for lane maintenance. After a couple of years of research, lab and lane tests we introduced our products on the Swedish market. In 1990 we introduced our products on the European market and now our products has been used in many big competitions. Among those two European Championships.

HP bowling products – a background

The HP products are represented by SCANDINAVIAN SPORT SUPPLY AB. We are one of the leading producers of lane conditioners and lane cleaners
for the European market since 15 years.

Scandinavian Sport Supply staff

Christer Rapp is mainly responsible for the sale. Christer has played 19 years in the Swedish national league and has 7 Championship gold medals and several merits from playing in the Swedish national team.

Short history

1983: An inquiry from the Bowling Center WM- hallen (now Big Bowl) in Malmo of the possibility to develop environmentally friendly products for lane maintenance – a lane conditioner with a slower transport of oil to the back-ends and an efficient cleaner that does not leave any residue.

1983-1985: Research, lab tests and introduction of HP-products to the Swedish market.

1990: Product introduction to the European market.

1991- : Continued product development. Control of product properties e.g. by field tests and UV- measurements of oil profiles on bowling lanes.
Bowling seminars for bowling associations and lane staffs at bowling centers
in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, England, Belgium, Switzerland.
Articles, e.g. in the English Ten Pin Magazine.

HP lane conditioners and cleaners have been used in several large tournaments, for instance in two European Championships.

We manufacture and market environmentally safe products, of high efficiency at reasonable prices.


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