HP lane conditioners

  • Give good playing conditions – high friction on the back ends for a long time (extremely low carry-down)
  • Eliminate frequent ball stops and pin off-spots
  • Low prices – good service – rapid deliveries
  • Components of highest quality
  • Do not contain dangerous substances – do not contain silicone oils
  • Work on all types of lane surface
  • Work in all types of lane machines
  • Easy to remove with common lane cleaners, e.g. HP 16 and HP 26
  • HP lane conditioners are available with different viscosities from HP 106 with a viscosity of 15 cP to HP 209 with a viscosity of 23 cP at 20 degrees C

HP lane cleaners

  • Are very efficient
  • Give a good economi due to an extremely high dilution number (1:20) and low prices (1:4 to 1:8 are common dilution numbers for most cleaners on the market)
  • Are friendly to the user and do not contain any dangerous solvents

HP bowling ball cleaner (RENT KLOT)

(The name ”RENT KLOT” is Swedish meaning ”Clean bowling ball”)

  • For the bowler a clean ball surface means better control and higher results
  • For the lane staff it means cleaner lanes and fewer ball stops